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Article from Canada shoes website, the editor of the author: Pete Forester translation: in recent weeks can be one of the period of history is the most shoes called crazy, more than double the hyped limited shoes sale plus the bad weather, it is easy to get discouraged, but it is definitely a can let you to be calm in their shoes cabinet the "love" to find you a good time. Last week, Nike SB Dunk St.Alfred X Asics Gel Lyte Fragment Desgin X Nike Sock CNCPTS X New Nike Air Presto Air Jordan IV 〉[Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] moment, in the eyes of some consumers to buy "foreign brand" has become their personality and taste card. Quality is the life, but in the face since 2011, the world famous brand Adidas continue to unfold "toxins door", "quality gates" and other issues, so that consumers psychological difficult to calm, fear. consumers take rift shoes to find businesses seek explanation Recently, the "Corporate Social Responsibility Blue Book" that, in 2011 on corporate category, foreign hundred corporate social resp cheap foamposites onsibility development index average of only 12.5 points, there are 19 (super-Qi Cheng) score of 0 or negative points, nearly eight percent in the spectator stage, a serious shortage of corporate social responsibility information disclosure. Adidas (China) Co., Ltd. is a garments manufacturing Industry to -4 points "won" last first. Including liability management, market responsibility, social responsibility and environmental responsibility are the four indicators is 0. There is no doubt, Adidas also often some negative information. Last August, the environmental group Greenpeace released the latest report, saying Adidas and other well-known brands of products contain "environmental hormones" that can mimic estrogen, have an impact on biological sexual development, and the reproductive system toxicity. Substance on the clothes will not cause direct harm to the human body, but also with the water washed into the river further accumulation threat to human health. In the same month, Adidas and then exposed deficiencies in good faith, according to reports BEIJING, China Consumer Asso Retro jordans for sale ciation announced the infant knitted underwear comparative test results Beijing market, in which a well-known brand Adidas Kids suits, fiber content label does not deserve , accused of misleading consumers. It is understood that the free formaldehyde on the respiratory mucous membranes and skin by the human respiratory tract and skin contact with strong stimulation, causing airway inflammation and skin inflammation, also has a strong irritant to the eyes. Moreover, in recent years, Adidas also frequently quality complaints. Chongqing Fu consumers to reflect the author: February 26, 2010, he was in Shapingba fresh wave sporting goods store to buy a pair of Adidas sneakers, the price of 580 yuan, wearing these shoes appeared four or five back serious quality problems, cracks and folds serious vamp shoes, there are blocks of obvious protrusions, wearing uncomfortable. March 4, Fu took this pair of Adidas sneakers to the store to reflect, to take back the company checks the caller said, after 7 days, the store is not a quality problem with the ground will not be replaced, the service Cheap air jordans for sale attitude is extremely poor, Fu expressed They only foreign brands diva. Another Mr. Zhang 780 yuan to buy a pair of Adidas running shoes, wearing less than two months, breaking a vamp. Mr. Zhang buyer find businesses activist, he was told: "three guarantees" period of only one month, refused to be returned. "Adidas official website to call, they say 'Warranty' period of three months running shoes, why the store said it was a month?" Consumers Association staff told the author, since Adidas shoes sold by the official website of the "three guarantees" period of three months, then it should be specified by the manufacturer in accordance with the three months to perform, and local laws and regulations should not be executed, If you press the stores say, both the manufacturers a choice for their own interests, "King terms", is also a consumer of discrimination against local consumers. Meanwhile CASE staff to remind consumers to be careful businessmen deliberately delay "rights Time", some businesses in the face of "three guarantees" the general use of consumer disputes on the "thre Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale e guarantees" do not understand the psychological, try to stall for time. Consumers should have the awareness of rights, such as the case of businesses unreasonably withheld, complained to the Consumers Association as soon as possible, because the associations of all complaints are recorded, it can also become one of evidence. In this event, I went to several Adidas store, the store staff have indicated Adidas "poison door" after the incident, product sales were not affected. However, some consumers interviewed the author has said, although uncertain whether the relevant information is true, but consumer psychology is still subject to a certain extent. Consumers have said that the future will not blindly buy big brands, and think they're a diva. "I do not know of toxic events occurred Adidas Oh!" Last December 23 in the evening, when a young consumer consumption in the Adidas store, at the time that Adidas is detected NPE contain damage to the environment and human health , he said he was surprised. "So there is this thing, we did not hear, the store why not put that descriptio Cheap jordans online n posted on the door of it?" The consumer said he was a frequent visitor to the Adidas store, buy a lot of this brand of clothing and shoes, although Prior to these cases we do not know, but later will still leave a heart, "Now I find, in fact, what the big brands is not so credible and reliable." (Chinese shoes Network - the most professional and authoritative Footwear News) the blue Flyknit Air Presto material as the body of the shoe outsole with white collocation, blue Swoosh echo, fluorescent green embellishment, it is easy to think of Sprite color, the upcoming, love friends continue to pay attention to the concave & nbsp;adidas, Remix, EQT, x, Undefeated, collaboration, style, earlier news reported that this was first presented to everyone, when the colors were limited to fan color and metal gray 's new color department sells two models: black and army green shoes set also break the routine, please pay more attention to the news area update, download (32.27 KB) 2008-9-13-adidas download (40.75 KB) 2008-9-13-adidas download (66.82 KB) 2008-9-13-adidas Cheap foamposites for sale download (66.12 KB) 2008-9-13-adidas download (40.14 KB) 2008-9-13-adidas download (54.2 KB) 2008-9-13-adidas W6 g$g/ q/ Z5 3 V, j + T2 Z- I4}/ T3 B (B) Q# H2 D; R* T Y2 [" n Air Jordan XX8 SE), will push the new color, black as the main shoe body tints, shoes eyes / laces and lining with dark blue tongue, logo/ outsole is mango yellow collocation. The color number 616345-036, on sale soon.NSW Vintage in the summer of June the new shoe shoes available soon, after playing the same Nike'07 developed Vintage imitate the old technology of special technology, launched Waffle Racer, Star Classic, containing Tennis Classic three Vintage version of the shoe. All hand vamp treatment, imitation of the old texture of genuine manufacturing. Plus after a special dye procedure, but these phases appear after traces of mottled, sewing effect, even the yellow line in the bottom, the time to pull back in 80s 70, the nostalgia style of the time, then back to. yesterday, Arsenal 16-17 season home jersey was foreign friends PA out, the general style of the continuation of the previou Cheap foamposites for sale s, still by its consistent sponsor puma. source: FHWhite in first to 1969 round ninth by the NBA Boston Celtics selected. The Celtics won their eleventh championship in the last 13 years. However, White did not even report to the Celtics to the Celtics announced the Bill · Russell retired news. White must endure a reconstruction of the season until they in the draft selected Dave & middot; cowens and traded to Paul & middot; Silas, Celtic talent be revitalized. And the two of them and veteran John & middot; under the joint efforts of Havlicek, white became the Celtics in the 1970s won two championship exploits players. (1975 - 74 and 76 - 1973) and in 1976 won the title of the finals MVP. In 1979 by the Celtics traded to the Jinzhou Braves, 1981, White retired in the Sacramento kings. On Friday April 9, 1982, White's 10 Jersey suspension in the Boston Garden. 1950, Bob Cousy participated in the NBA draft, even the "Red Auerbach also to his dismissive:" I want the players to win, not grandstanding. Cousy first round by the Atlanta Hawks selected, transferred to the Chicago stags, due to the collapse of the stag team, draw to the Celtics. When the Celtics owner Walter & middot; Brown wants to smoke to score Wangzhasiluofusiji, when opened the note saw Cousy's name: "I was going to faint on the floor." At first, Auerbach still limit Cousy's playing time, but the gold will shine, Cousy soon showed his value. His performance made the Boston Garden stadium attendance is greatly improved. from 1952 to 1961. His 10 years as a point guard was selected into the NBA, won six NBA championships, 1 times won the NBA MVP award, eight season in assists on the NBA, the 10 time NBA all star team, twice elected all star game most valuable player. He is regarded as the "Celtic green Dynasty" in the "heart and soul". He and Russell, Hansen, K.C. Jones, Salman and Sanders is the main character of the Celtics Dynasty established, the effectiveness of Boston 13 years have never leaked to a star player's honor, and six degrees of wear on the total champion ring; he in 1952-60 years during the octave entrenched assists Vang Pao base. In addition, he also often in scoring and the penalty kick hit rate rankings among the best. His basketball skills and intuition of the game has surpassed the era standards. 1956, the Boston Celtics by " " got Heinsohn local talent. He will be among the all star game in his debut season, elected rookie of the year, and won the championship. Then he became an integral part of the Boston Celtics PFLP player, and won the championship 8 times in a nine season career. Called "oldsmokegun". 〉Vans retro extension Vans day before Classics released a set of "Vintage" color series, Authentic series and Old Skool took up the two itself is full of classic retro models, the color is mostly gray, green and red wine, collocation of traditional Sidestripe Logo and white outsole and sulfide. The series has been in the major counter and Vans on the official website of the United states. 20140812131211_11784.jpg (41.34 KB, download number: 0) download Vans Classics Skool Vintage new AuthenticOld 2014-8-13 09:07 upload 20140812131212_49504.jpg (34.6 KB, download number: 0) download Vans Classics Skool Vintage new AuthenticOld 2014-8-13 09:07 upload 20140812131406_18961.jpg (94.53 KB, download number: 0) download Vans Classics Skool Vintage new AuthenticOld 2014-8-13 09:07 upload 20140812131406_47459.jpg (83.16 KB, download number: 0) download Vans Classics Skool Vintage new AuthenticOld 2014-8-13 09:07 upload 20140812131407_12826.jpg (89.86 KB, download number: 0) download Vans Classics Skool Vintage new AuthenticOld 2014-8-13 09:07 upload 20140812131407_44878.jpg (76.17 KB, download number: 0) download As early as September NSW designer Marc Dolce to join the hall of Famer Scottie Pippen together to create a new Air Pippen 6 had early exposure, then cool grey color and the bulls have exposure. Recently, on foot to shoot pictures on the Internet looking for finally this section, let us first to enjoy. This shoe body choose classic white, black and red color collocation, and texture to first-class leather crafted, and metal sense of the sequins let the whole more money out of the ordinary. 1.jpg (105.29 KB, download number: 6) download Nike Air Pippen 6 foot shot 2014-12-16 10:47 upload